About Us

Our Raison d’être

To contribute to building a healthy lifestyle, by creating and providing convenient, tasty, healthy and affordable nut based foods.

Our Customer Philosophy

To contribute to our customers’ happiness, success and profitability by understanding, respecting and exceeding their delivery and quality expectations including provision of tasty, healthy, safe and affordable foods to their consumers.

Our Operations Philosophy


  • Safety of employees, customers, products, factory, neighbours and environment.
  • Quality in every step of every process, ensured by proper training, communication and feedback.
  • Innovation to create new “WOW” experiences for our customers and consumers.
  • Productivity by continuously reducing wastage of materials, machinery and effort, and by updating technology and improving processes.
  • Speed through planned performance and every process being supplied its inputs of the requisite quality on time and supplying its succeeding process on time.
  • Excitement by striving to learn every day; by understanding our work, doing it well and challenging expectations; by helping each other to improve and achieve more every day.

Our Employee Philosophy

To foster a relationship of fairness and mutual respect, where employees develop personally while contributing to the company’s objectives including delivery, profitability and growth. Our employees should experience our culture of happiness and fulfilment in producing convenient, tasty, healthy, safe and affordable foods.

Our Financial Philosophy

To earn today by each person doing his work effectively and on time. To meet our financial obligations to all stakeholders by planning our cash-flow for every expense and investment. To spend on growth and future profitability.

Our Social Philosophy

To consciously be consistent with the core values we have espoused for the last eight decades and current norms and expectations. To contribute to our society and our neighbourhood. To be proactively environment friendly in every facet of our business.